The pool, Bullo River Station
The pool, Bullo River Station

Inspired by our landscape, the 12 guest rooms are styled to provide an inviting sanctuary, perfect after a day on the station.

Each room opens out onto shady lawns and is cool and comfortable, with a king or twin beds, air-conditioning and a modern ensuite. Rooms are serviced daily.

There is a comfortable communal area where guests can help themselves to freshly-baked goodies, enjoy a drink with fellow travellers or fill their water bottles for the day ahead.

Laze by the pool on a lounge amongst the palm trees, or in air-conditioned comfort.

Bullo is an all-inclusive stay, all food and drinks are provided.




We often get asked which month is best at Bullo. It’s a tricky question because each part of the dry season is different, but this guide should be able to help.


The waterholes are full at the end of the wet season, and the waterfalls are flowing. If you don’t mind the lingering last bit of humidity, the occasional final shower of rain, and the insects that continue to enjoy these conditions, you’ll be rewarded with a lush, green landscape.

Migratory birds like the Dollar Bird start to disappear, but with the river systems full, you may have a better chance to catch a barramundi (and then release it safely after the obligatory photo).

Temperatures are still quite warm, and there may be parts of the property we haven’t been able to access due to high water levels from the wet. However, every wet season is different, and it is an experience in itself to see and feel the last of the rain.


The rain has gone, and the last clouds have disappeared. Days are still in the mid to high 30s, with the insects departing as the humidity is replaced by lovely dry heat.

We can’t commit to muster dates, but from May, there are generally more cattle movements as more of the property becomes accessible to vehicles.


The peak of the dry season, these months have warm days – expect the high 20s to low 30s – and chilly nights. So definitely pack a cardigan if you plan to be outside when the sun is down.


For bird enthusiasts, August & September may be the months you want to consider a visit. This is because seasonal water sources have dried up, concentrating the birds to the few year-round waterholes available, making them easier to find.

August starts to see temperatures rising again but no higher than the mid-30s, and it remains dry.


Depending on the season, it’s not unusual for the wet to start building in September. This brings an increase in humidity, and it brings a rise in heat. As a result, temperatures begin to climb to the high 30’s again, even tipping 40 occasionally. 

At Bullo, we change pace slightly, making the most of early morning starts and later afternoon activities to enjoy poolside relaxation and air-conditioned comfort in the heat of the day.


Bullo is closed for the wet season because the 40+ degree weather and the high humidity are more than most people enjoy. It is tropical weather – thunderstorms, lightning, and heavy rains. It’s not unusual for parts of our property to flood, cutting off access roads, including our driveway, and we have to rely on helicopters to get in and out.  

“It’s ironic: I’m so far off the map, but I feel so connected. Out here, my everyday niggles have no place. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so liberated."

Chloe Sachdev, Travel Writer.