Set on 400,000 acres of privately owned land at the convergence of the Bullo and Victoria Rivers, Bullo River Station is a working cattle station in the Northern Territory, near the Western Australian border.

A visit to Bullo River Station is an authentic cattle station experience.

Whether it’s a day filled with dust, sweat and the exhilaration of station life or spent exploring stunning landscapes and waterfalls, swimming in remote waterholes, fishing for barramundi and discovering Aboriginal rock art and wildlife, the Bullo River experience is unlike any other.



A working cattle station and homestead covering 400,000 acres of the Northern Territory, our station operates in harmony with the land, balancing sustainable farming methods with best-practice land management. Pristine landscapes carved with gorges, decorated with waterfalls, and defined by the Victoria and Bullo rivers, make Bullo River Station one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cattle stations in Australia.

The list of daily tasks needed to manage the 2,000-strong Brahman-cross herd across almost half a million acres can look exhausting, however, it’s certainly interesting and lots of fun.

You’ll get out on the station in four-wheel vehicle drives, activities include bore checks, lick runs, and cattle yard work. There are poddy calves to be fed and muster training to do. Or take a farm tour to learn about everything we do. We invite you to join the Keeping the Lights On tour to learn everything about how a remote cattle station operates.

Cattle mustering is seasonal over the dry season, weather dependant, and guests are welcome to watch.